Marie-Christine Quenneville has an eye for vibrant colors, hands that trace supple shapes and a mind transfixed on inspirations at the intersection of aesthetics and anthropology. With these qualities, she created Les Enfants Sauvages, a clothing design studio based in Montreal since 2009. 

Initially fascinated by the cultural and visual richness of colourful West African fabrics, Quenneville has embarked on a perpetual quest, in search of new materials and knowledge. Traveling to places such as New-York, Burkina Faso and Japan, she refines Les Enfants Sauvages' distinctive personality by immersing herself in the rich traditions of the multiples textiles she finds on her journey.  

Audacious, Les Enfants Sauvages defies conventions and draws us into its world where polarities are harmonized. Under the guise of refined elegance, hides an unapologetic punk attitude. Cool colours temper warm ones, seemingly sober garments are sparkled with extravagant motifs, and fabric is shaped to fall on any body like a compliment. Here and there, birds, seashells and flowers rest on African textiles shaped into minimalist Oriental forms. With great simplicity, are superimposed layers of a subtle complexity.  

Quenneville's creations truly mirror real Enfants Sauvages, in tune with the natural environment. The clothes they wear, made of noble materials such as wool, cotton, linen and silk, are crafted ecologically. Distancing themselves from commercial precepts, they present their new attire twice a year. Nevertheless, their clothes are adapted to all four seasons, whether they harmonize themselves with the vibrant colors of summer or enliven winter's monochrome palette.

Anchored here, permanently on the look-out, Les Enfants Sauvage sparks a conversation between these new shapes and colors, thus creating its own language. Adopting it is rekindling with our inner feral child.